Seven Hills, Co. Roscommon

We are working with Galetech Energy Developments to develop a wind farm site in south Roscommon.



The Seven Hills Windfarm Project site lies within the area of Dysart, County Roscommon. The proposed development consists of approximately 21 wind turbines with a typical output of 5-6 megawatts per turbine - enough to provide around 85,000* Irish households with renewable electricity every year.

*Based on CRU 2017 average annual household electricity consumption of 4,200kWhr.


The proposed wind farm will give rise to a range of benefits, including up to 100 construction jobs. It will also create permanent operation and maintenance roles, as well as ancillary functions.

There will be a substantial community benefit fund to help support local community projects and ensure that residents benefit directly from the renewable energy development. The fund will be administered in accordance with Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) best practice and grants will be made available after one year of wind farm operation.


When can we see the planned wind farm layout?

We have been working on the layout design and will be making this available for public viewing from the beginning of July. 

We will be sending out details to householders living within 2km of the proposed site and will be holding a series of clinics for members of the public to book appointments with the team in local community centres - in line with continuing social distancing advice and the most up-to-date government and public health guidelines.

Anyone wishing to contact the project team should call the freephone number 1800140232 to request a call back or book a face-to-face appointment, stating their preferred time and venue:

  • Monday 6th July at Dysart Hall (Midday until 8 pm.)
  • Tuesday 14th July at Taughmaconnell Hall (Midday until 8 pm.)
  • Wednesday 22nd July at CAM Brideswell (Midday until 8 pm.)
  • Thursday 30th July at Athlone Springs Hotel (Midday until 8 pm.)






Covid-19 update: Community consultation changes

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and in line with government guidance, we’ve postponed all public meetings, face-to-face consultations and door-to-door visits until the restriction of movement has come to an end.

Energia and Galetech are committed to keeping communities safe.  We'll be providing information and answering questions using freepost, freephone and online services.

To use our freephone service, just dial 1800140232.  Don't forget you can also email us.  You'll find our contact details at the bottom of this page, where we explain how we use the information you provide.




If you have any questions about the Seven Hills project, please contact the team:

Deirdre Keegan, Community Liaison Officer (CLO), Galetech Energy Developments

Malachy Magee, Community Engagement, Galetech Energy Developments

Rosy Billingham, Community Liaison Officer (CLO), Energia Renewables

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