Who we are

Our Values

Our ambition is to remain a strong force for positive change within the energy industry and society in Ireland.

Our mission is simple; to provide our customers with innovative technology-enabled solutions that will make their lives easier while contributing strongly to decarbonisation. By integrating renewable technology and intelligent energy solutions into day to day life we hope to enhance the experience of the customer and leave a positive and lasting impact on the environment. Central to that core value are our customers; they come first in everything we do.


Energia Group is a trusted employer. Our people are applauded industry wide for their honesty and integrity. These are just two of the qualities that contribute to the group being recognised as being a great place to work. This transfers through to our front line employees and how they communicate and care for our customers. By showing our customers the same level of honesty, integrity and respect our customers know that they can trust us to deliver the best value solutions now and into the future.


We are leaders in our field and one of the most dynamic and resourceful players in the energy industry. We are constantly looking to for new innovative ideas and technological advances to make customers lives easier. We are committed to recruiting the best people and focused on developing and growing our talent so that each Energia Group employee can reach their full potential.


Our people are clever, resourceful and innovative in their approach to finding the best solutions for our customers and business. From pioneering tech-enabled solutions that meet customer needs to driving rapid change towards a renewable energy future, they are transforming the energy industry and society for the better. In the home energy sector we are looking at new ways to transform how we store and use energy via home micro generation and battery storage, the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Meters and even Artificial Intelligence.


At our core, Energia Group is committed to integrating corporate and social responsibility into the way we do business. This ensures that the interests of our stakeholders remain balanced and that we are all aligned to the one end goal. In our own industry, that of energy, we are focused on addressing the issue of climate change through our investment in renewable technologies.

Taking our social responsibilities seriously means making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate in. We are committed to empowering our people to support community activities and initiatives thereby creating change for social good. From the larger concerns at the forefront of our society like that of homelessness, cancer support and mental health to the smaller grass root causes worthy of our financial support, we are passionate about contributing to a better community for everyone. In line with this is our Brighter Communities Programme which helps people implement innovative and creative projects to help change and support local communities.