About us


The Group is a leading modern, integrated energy utility with substantial businesses in both Ireland (RoI) and Northern Ireland (NI). The Group primarily operates through three business units: Renewables, Flexible Generation and Customer Solutions.

Our customers occupy the heart of our business model as we concentrate on developing smart energy solutions for innovative products and services with
future staying power.

And it’s working. We are currently supplying over 840,000 homes and businesses across Ireland with competitively priced electricity and gas. We supply approximately 17% of Ireland’s total energy and 21% of Ireland’s total wind power.

RENEWABLES: A Renewable energy business:

  • Owns and operates 309MW of wind assets and purchases electricity from 1,224MW of renewable generation capacity throughout Ireland
  • Developing a further pipeline of onshore and offshore wind and solar projects across the island of Ireland and is currently commissioning a hydrogen electrolyser at one of its onshore wind farms in NI.

FLEXIBLE GENERATION: The operation of and purchase of electricity from conventional generation assets:

  • Owns and operates 747MW of conventional generation assets in the RoI, a 50MW battery storage facility in Belfast and a 50MW emergency gas generation plant at the Huntstown campus in Dublin.
  • Progressing the development of a proposed data centre at its Huntstown campus and has a further pipeline of battery storage development projects across the island of Ireland.

CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS: Intelligent energy solutions for our energy supply businesses operating in the RoI and Northern Ireland:

  • Supplies electricity and gas to over 840,000 customer sites in the RoI and NI through its two retail brands, Energia and Power NI.
  • Committed to guiding customers throughout their energy transition, promoting a sustainable and efficient energy future.