All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

31 March 2023: Energia Group, one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies has announced its commitment to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, which aims to promote the conservation of pollinators across the island of Ireland.

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is a collaborative initiative involving businesses, local authorities, schools, farmers and gardeners, working together to create an Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive.


As a company committed to sustainability, Energia Group recognises the vital role that pollinators play in maintaining our ecosystems and food systems. Bees are essential for the reproduction of many plants and the production of crops that are essential to our diets. However, with one third of the 98 different types of bees on the island of Ireland being threatened with extinction, action is required.


By joining, Energia Group has committed to taking action to support pollinators and their habitats. This involves implementing measures to protect and enhance pollinator habitats.


Speaking about joining the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, Peter Baillie MD Energia Renewables said, “We are delighted to join the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and support this very important conservation activity. As a company, we not only support, but are also active partners with communities all across Ireland with sustainability a core focus.  As such, we recognize the importance of pollinators in maintaining healthy ecosystems and food systems that benefit both citizens and the environment.


He added, “Habitat Management and Enhancement Plans are in place at our wind farms to protect and enhance the existing habitats. At our Long Mountain wind farm in Antrim we have re-wetted areas of peatland to create the conditions suitable for the establishment of peat forming vegetation.

The Marsh Fritillary butterflies are Ireland’s only protected insect and occur wherever their food plant, devil’s-bit scabious, occurs. At our Eshmore wind farm in Tyrone we have fenced off an area of suitable habitat to help this particular species of butterfly. In addition, to promote awareness amongst our employees we are launching ‘Biodiversity @ Energia Group’, an employee engagement, education and action programme for all of our team. We are looking forward to contributing to the work of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.”

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is voluntary. It was developed by a 16-member steering group who provide oversight, with implementation coordinated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre. To date over 340 businesses are implementing actions within the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan across the island with the support of over 100 government (Central and Local) and NGO partner organisations, as well as thousands of communities and farmers. The first Plan covered the period 2015-2020 and a new version has been developed for 2021-2025.