About us



Energia Group has undergone a significant evolution in order to align itself with the overall business objectives of the group along with recent developments within the wider energy market and future trends for the industry as a whole. This has included rebranding, repositioning all group brands into one cohesive unit and creating three segmented and separately reportable business units. Throughout this evolution, one thing remains constant: a vision of Energia Group as a strong force for positive change within the energy industry. This vision is realised via the provision of intelligent energy solutions for enhanced customer experience and the development and integration of renewable technologies for a positive impact on the environment.


As a group, we have invested in a long-term strategy of segmenting our interests into three core areas: Renewables, Customer Solutions and Flexible Generation. This allows us to enhance our status as a modern customer centric utility and position ourselves for future growth and development.


Our Renewables segment owns and operates 309MW of wind assets and purchases electricity from 1,266 MW of renewable generation capacity throughout Ireland. By developing a portfolio of modern high quality onshore wind assets to complement a substantial portfolio of renewable PPAs we have significantly responded to attractive investment signals and the decarbonisation agenda while simultaneously de-risking our business profile. 

We are making continued progress on the delivery of two offshore wind projects in the North Celtic Sea and South Irish Sea. These offshore wind projects can make a major contribution not just to Ireland’s offshore wind targets but to the decarbonisation of the economy and the requirement to halve our Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2030. Combined, the North Celtic Sea and South

Irish Sea renewable energy projects could provide up to 1,600MW of renewable offshore wind power capable of generating enough green electricity to power over 1 million homes and businesses and avoid more than 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions.


Our Flexible Generation segment owns and operates 747MW of conventional generation assets in the RoI and procures power under contract with 600MW of conventional generation capacity with the AES Ballylumford power station in Northern Ireland.

Our Huntstown plants provide the flexible generation required to support the Dublin power network. Strategic benefits of having modern gas generation assets situated in Dublin, Ireland’s leading demand centre, have been recognised through the award of 4 year LTSAs for the Huntstown CCGTs.


Our Customer Solutions segment oversees the supply of electricity and gas to 311,700 customer sites in the RoI and 516,000 customer sites in Northern Ireland through its two retail brands, Energia and Power NI. Along with growing our customer base, we have further developed our technological capabilities to offer an expanding range of energy-related products.


First and foremost we are a modern, technologically sophisticated energy business with an emphasis on renewable technology and innovative energy-related solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Customers occupy the heart of our business model and are front and centre of our innovation ethos. Listening to them and collaborating with them in a co-creation process on innovative ideas for the future means that we only develop products which they value.


Energia Group will continue to lead the way in the creation of innovative energy solutions for the future. Our goal is to help meet the needs of a dynamic energy market and balance a 24/7 demand on the grid for energy. To this end, we have invested in major generating assets – both conventional and renewable – complimented by advanced technological solutions some of which include:

  • Smart meters and next generation solutions.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) connected home energy systems.
  • Behind the Meter energy generation and storage solutions.
  • Large scale battery storage.
  • Hydrogen production as a viable form of renewable energy.