Energia Group publishes Responsible Business Report 21/22

Energia Group has published its second Responsible Business Report outlining many of the steps the Group is taking to promote sustainability and operate as a responsible business. This year’s report builds on the disclosures contained in last year’s report and aligns the Group’s activities to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Report also includes details of the Group’s new science-based carbon reduction target for 2030.





“Sustainability is at the core of our business and our new carbon target to 2030 demonstrates our commitment to climate action and facilitating the achievement of governmental targets in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  We have an excellent track record in the delivery of energy projects, serving customers and positively engaging with communities; and we are approaching the energy transition with the same enthusiasm and commitment. Through the work and dedication of all at Energia Group, our strategy and approach will make a positive contribution to life on this island.”

Ian Thom, Energia Group CEO

Key highlights include:

✔️ A new science-based carbon reduction target.  Energia Group will reduce the carbon intensity of electricity generation by 50% by 2030. 

✔️ A threefold increase in the volume of renewable electricity the Group will generate from onshore wind and solar projects in 2030.  In addition, the development of two offshore wind projects with combined capacity of up to 1,600 MW. 

✔️ Alignment of the Group’s activities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the completion of a stakeholder mapping exercise and materiality assessment.

✔️ Zero loss time incidents for employees across the Group.

✔️ The important contribution being made by the Huntstown units to security of supply and the progress made on the Group’s two offshore wind projects, as well as on new onshore wind and solar projects.

✔️ 7.8TWh electricity supplied to over 820,000 customers and almost 10,000 tonnes of CO2 saved through funding of customers’ energy efficiency projects

✔️ Windfarm Community Benefit Schemes contributed €660,000 across 78 community groups, benefiting 28,700 people, as well as a wide range of community sponsorships and charitable activities and Energia’s Meenadreen Community Benefit Fund was the overall winner that the Wind Industry Awards.

✔️ Almost 1,000 people employed by the Group across Ireland and Northern Ireland – 45% female and 55% male – and in the last year, a became a signatory of the Business in the Community Elevate Pledge to promote a more diverse workplace and launched a new Women’s Network and health policies, as well as commencing hybrid working.

✔️ The excellent work being done across the Group was also recognised at a number of events during the year where Energia Group was the proud winner of a number of industry awards.