Energia Group Supports Global Wind Day 2024

Energia Group – harnessing the power of the wind while supporting local communities on Global Wind Day

Ahead of Global Wind Day on June 15, Energia Group, is highlighting wind energy, its power and the possibilities it holds to ensure a more sustainable energy future for all. Global Wind Day is celebrated annually on June 15 to raise awareness of wind energy and how critical it is to help combat climate change.

At Energia Group, we are committed to playing a leading role in powering the energy transition across the island of Ireland and to doing so sustainably. We own and operate 15 wind farm sites, generating 309 MW of clean renewable electricity, enough to power the equivalent of over 200,000 homes.


Renewable energy from sources such as wind farms has a huge part to play in the future demands for energy in Ireland and further afield. The continued electrification of the economy, alongside the future growth in the demand for power means a growing reliance on renewable energy. Energia Group is well positioned to support that demand and over the past 12 months, we have continued to expand our renewable energy portfolio further supporting our commitment to increase our onshore renewable energy generation threefold and to achieve a 50% reduction in the carbon intensity of Energia’s electricity generation by 2030.


Building green and protecting the nature that surrounds us is an important focus of how we build and operate our energy infrastructure. In addition, a key sustainability objective of the Group is to support the communities in which we operate, making a meaningful contribution that adds both economic and social value. To this end, the Group has invested €4.5 million through community benefit funds.

Meenadreen wind farm in Donegal is the Group’s largest wind farm and over the past year, the Energia Renewables team in Meenadreen have been working on a project for users of the Leghowney Loop, a popular local walking trail which passes through the wind farm. The project has centered on renovating the old Quinn family homestead on the site, to create an amenity for the local community and protect a piece of local heritage. The stonework of the cottage has been repaired, walls have been rebuilt and the old roof was replaced to provide an ideal rest stop for users of the trail.


Speaking about the renovated homestead, Dr Ailish O’Boyle and Mary Dawson, once better known as the Quinn sisters, visited the derelict site and upon seeing her childhood home partially restored with family photographs on the walls, Ailish said, “I was born in this cottage and attending the unveiling is an emotional occasion, evoking feelings of nostalgia as I look back at my roots. The Energia Renewables team have been instrumental in the conservation of the cottage. Not only is this historic occasion in recognition of the Quinn family, who lived here from the 1850s to 1960s, but it is also an example of the societal and cultural life of the community here in Meenadreen.”

Commenting on Global Wind Day, Brian Mullen, Head of Operations, Energia said, “We are delighted to once again mark Global Wind Day, this year highlighting our Meenadreen wind farm that not only speaks to our aim of promoting the power of wind energy but also the positive impact we can have on the local communities where we operate.”


He added, “While the renewable energy generated has national benefits in terms of decarbonisation of the energy system, we work closely with the local communities around our various sites to add value at a local level, and the Leghowney Loop partnership activity is just one such example. Global Wind Day 2024 is a timely opportunity to congratulate all those involved in the Meenadreen project and emphasise our continued commitment to positive community engagement that offers sustainable benefits.”