School children get out in the wind with Energia for Global Wind Day

Energia Group hosts school visit in run up to Global Wind Day 15th June as pupils promote wind industry #GetOutInTheWind campaign

P6 pupils from St Bernard’s Primary School in Glengormley took a trip to North Antrim to visit Energia Group’s Long Mountain Wind Farm near Rasharkin in the run up to Global Wind Day on 15th June, which celebrates the power and potential of wind energy as part of the energy transition towards a net-zero future.  The local school children were keen to find out how wind farms generate electricity and see inside a turbine – some even got to try on the Operations team’s safety harnesses used to climb to the top of the towers.

As part of their ‘World Around Us’ classes, the pupils have been learning about climate change, the Amazon rainforest and the need for different sources of renewable energy.  Form teacher, Sarah Clements said: “We can see wind turbines from our school but, for most of these children, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to visit a commercial wind farm and see a turbine up close.

“It’s been fascinating for me to hear more about wind farm operation and get a look inside a turbine tower.  My first degree was in environmental science but, when I graduated, there weren’t as many career opportunities in renewable energy as there are today.  The children were fascinated to hear about wind farm construction and maintenance and all the environmental surveys that have to be carried out before anything can be built.  They’ve learned a lot and had a memorable day out.”

11-year-old Finn Morgan was particularly impressed to hear that the Long Mountain Wind Farm produces enough green energy to power more than 15,000 homes a year. He said: “I enjoyed looking all the way up inside the tower and would like to climb to the top.  I now know how the electricity travels down the cable in the turbine tower and underground before it gets to the big substations and into our homes.  Working on a wind farm would be an interesting job.”

Long Mountain Wind Farm near Rasharkin is one of 16 sites owned and operated by Energia Group across the island of Ireland, including 13 wind farms in Northern Ireland.  As a member of the wind industry group, Wind Energy Ireland, Energia is promoting the #GetOutInTheWind campaign throughout the month of June. 

Energia’s Long Mountain Site Manager, Alan Dysart, said: “Everyone in the Energia Renewables Operations team enjoys hosting school visits like this one because the children show such an interest in wind energy.  It’s a pleasure to answer all their questions and see that some are even interested in knowing about the growing number of jobs in the industry.

“This wind farm is part of a working farm but, where wind farms have trails open to the public, I would recommend a visit and getting out in the wind this summer. “


Energia’s Meenadreen Wind Farm in South Donegal offers spectacular views on its walking trails.  For more information, visit