Huntstown Bioenergy Plant, Dublin

Our €50m bioenergy plant will generate up to 4.8MWhr of renewable electricity from Dublin’s waste.




The Huntstown Bioenergy Plant (EPA Licence P0993-01) is a state of the art anaerobic digestion (AD) plant which converts organic waste, such as food waste, into a methane rich biogas which is then used to generate renewable electricity and heat.  The electricity is exported to the grid.  The heat is used in the process and to heat the offices.

The 4.8MW/hr bioenergy plant, located adjacent to the two existing Energia power stations in North Dublin, is able to process up to 90,000 tonnes per year of organic waste from the Greater Dublin area, helping to protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide organic fertiliser for agriculture.

When fully operational the bioenergy plant will be the largest anaerobic digestion plant in Ireland.


Converting organic waste into green energy is another example of how Energia is developing cleaner, renewable technologies to support a better environment for all.


To contact the Huntstown Bioenergy Plant operations team, please call 01 8645979.

If you have any questions about our Bioenergy Projects please contact our Community Liaison Officers by email at