North Celtic Sea Wind Project

Energia has applied for an investigative foreshore licence for the North Celtic Sea








Energia has applied to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government for a foreshore licence to carry out preliminary site investigation surveys off the coast of County Waterford.  These surveys are necessary to determine the feasibility of locating an offshore wind farm in the North Celtic  Sea.


> Latest site investigation information – download briefing here

> Fisheries liaison FAQs (updated May '20) – download here





Read more about our North Celtic Sea wind project, Ireland's offshore wind energy targets, and the current foreshore licence process for site investigations here:



The Irish Government has declared a climate emergency and its Climate Action Plan has set ambitious targets for decarbonisation by 2030.   Offshore wind, with its ability to generate low cost renewable energy at scale, will play an important role in achieving these targets. 

Ireland is now placed to benefit from the significant reduction in the cost of offshore wind seen in many of our neighbouring markets.  With a minimum of 3.5GW of offshore wind to be delivered by 2030, the opportunity for Ireland – at both national and regional level - is significant.



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