Pigeon Top Wind Farm, Co. Tyrone

We are developing a wind farm near Drumquin in County Tyrone. The consented site will consist of nine turbines. We are also working on plans for a Synchronous Condenser, which will help stabilise the transmission network and increase the uptake of renewable energy. Scroll down for more details.

Site details

The Pigeon Top Wind Farm site is beside Energia’s existing Cornavarrow Wind Farm, which has been operational since 2018.

The development will generate up to 37.8MW of renewable energy - enough to meet the annual electricity needs of around 34,000 households.

The new wind farm will have a 35-year operational life from the date of commissioning.

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Planning permission

Pigeon Top Wind Farm was granted planning permission in 2010. A subsequent planning application for a 110kV substation was approved in 2021. A further planning submission to increase the height and dimensions of the nine consented turbines was approved in 2022. 

With a maximum tip height of 142.5m, the Pigeon Top development will generate more renewable energy, helping Northern Ireland to achieve its Climate Action targets.

Planning documentation is available to view on the NI Planning Portal.

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Pigeon Top synchronous condenser project

Energia Renewables are developing plans for a synchronous condenser unit in the townland of Cornavarrow, near Drumquin. 


The proposed development will connect into the local electricity network via the same planned underground cable connection for the consented Pigeon Top Wind Farm 110 kV substation. 


This facility will support the stabilisation and resilience of the electricity grid and help Northern Ireland achieve its Climate Action goals by increasing the amount of renewable energy we use. 


To view the planning submission and associated documentation on the NI Planning Portal, please click here.


What is a synchronous condenser and other FAQs

A synchronous condenser is a rotating electrical motor that resembles a generator. It is connected to the electricity network via a substation and its purpose is to provide stability to the grid, rather than providing power like a normal generator. 

Wind farms do not provide a constant source of power, which is one of the reasons why we still rely on carbon-intensive back-up power generation. The synchronous condenser will provide stability to the transmission network and enable SONI, the System Operator for Northern Ireland, to increase the uptake of renewable energy, whilst balancing supply and demand. 

Find out more by viewing or downloading our project brochure. (Please note: information brochures are correct at time of print but may be subject to change prior to a planning submission - check planning documentation on the NI Planning Portal for final design.)

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Community benefit fund

We want local people to see and feel the benefit of renewable energy through our wind farm benefit funds, which support community groups, voluntary organisations and environmental projects situated near our operational wind farm sites.

The Pigeon Top community benefit fund will be designed to meet the needs of the local area and will be administered by an independent charitable foundation on behalf of Energia.   

The first project grants will be made available after one year of wind farm operation.  The fund will allocate grants once a year following a formal application process.

Working with schools

It’s breath-taking to see a wind turbine up close. The Energia Renewables Operations team are happy to facilitate school visits or classroom talks on wind energy:

  • Discover… how wind turbines generate electricity
  • Learn… about your local wind farm
  • Explore... the need for climate action and energy transition

Contact details

If you have any questions about our onshore wind farms, solar developments, battery storage facilities or other renewable energy projects, please contact our Community Liaison Officers by email at, or phone +44 (0)78 80432201.