Operational Wind Farms

Clondermot, Co. Londonderry

Clondermot Wind Farm in Derry has been operational since 2015.


Clondermot Wind Farm is located west of the Trench Road, in the townland of Clondermot in Derry. It consists of one Enercon E70 turbine, generating 2.3 MW at maximum output. It has been operational since 2015.

Maintenance updates

We will post operational and maintenance updates here.

Working with schools

It’s breath-taking to see a wind turbine up close. The Energia Renewables Operations team are happy to facilitate school visits or classroom talks on wind energy:

  • Discover…how wind turbines generate electricity
  • Learn… about local Energia wind farms
  • Explore... the need for climate action and energy transition

Contact us

If you have any questions about any of our operational wind farms, development sites, battery storage facilities or renewable energy projects, please contact our Community Liaison Officer by email at clo@energia.ie, or phone +44 78804 32201.